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Stainless Steel Flue & Fittings

Ventilation and Environmental Supplies PLC
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Ventilation Supplies
Code Length Dia
FLU 3 1830mm 102mm
FLU 3 1830mm 127mm
FLU 3 1830mm 152mm
FLU 3 1830mm 178mm
FLU 3 1830mm 203mm
FLU 3 1830mm 228mm
FLU 3 1830mm 254mm
FLU 3 1830mm 304mm
FLU 2 1000mm 102mm
FLU 2 1000mm 127mm
FLU 2 1000mm 152mm
FLU 2 1000mm 178mm
FLU 2 1000mm 203mm
FLU 2 1000mm 228mm
FLU 2 1000mm 254mm
FLU 2 1000mm 304mm
FLU 2 1000mm 355mm
FLU 2 1000mm 406mm
FLU 2 1000mm 457mm
FLU 2 1000mm 508mm
FLU 1 500mm 102mm
FLU 1 500mm 127mm
FLU 1 500mm 152mm
FLU 1 500mm 178mm
FLU 1 500mm 203mm
FLU 1 500mm 228mm
FLU 1 500mm 254mm
FLU 1 500mm 304mm
FLU 1 500mm 355mm
FLU 1 500mm 406mm
FLU 1 500mm 457mm
FLU 1 500mm 508mm

Other grades of stainless steel available upon request.

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