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Stainless Steel Flue & Fittings

Ventilation and Environmental Supplies PLC
Wholesalers to the heating and ventilation industries

Ventilation Supplies
Code Description Size
STAND Cowl 102mm
STAND Cowl 127mm
STAND Cowl 152mm
STAND Cowl 178mm
STAND Cowl 203mm
STAND Cowl 228mm
STAND Cowl 254mm
STAND Cowl 304mm
STAND Cowl 355mm
STAND Cowl 406mm
STAND Cowl 457mm
STAND Cowl 508mm

Code Size
SWED 102mm
SWED 127mm
SWED 152mm
SWED 178mm
SWED 203mm
SWED 228mm
SWED 254mm
SWED 304mm
SWED 355mm
SWED 406mm
SWED 457mm
SWED 508mm

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